Mossop Construction + Interiors

University of South Australia Child Care Centre


Client: University of South Australia
Duration: 10 Months
Value: $4.7m

This project involves the construction of a new child care centre for the UniSA City West Campus. Delivered under the managing contractor model, the single story facility includes modular building units and on site civil, services and landscaping works. A key component of the project is the coordination of the modular works - including delivery to site, construction of footings, site services infrastructure, installation, and deck construction. Completed in September 2015 the new child care centre features landscaped play mounds, a large sandpit, a play kitchen, and top quality learning and development facilities for both children and staff. The existing facility was demolished in preparation for the construction of UniSA’s iconic Great Hall project - also being delivered by Mossop Construction + Interiors.