Mossop Construction + Interiors

Xavier College Two Wells Stage 2


Client: Catholic Education South Australia (CESA)
Duration: 2A-2C 17 Weeks 2D 46 Weeks
Delivery: AS 4000 1997
Value: $18M

The successful completion of Stage 1 works in January 2021 led to our engagement for the delivery of Stage 2 works at the Two Wells Campus.

Stage 2A involved the construction of a new sports field that met specific requirements for a soccer pitch, including drainage and irrigation. It also included the installation of perimeter fencing.

Stage 2B focused on civil demolition and the creation of a building plateau. This involved clearing the area and preparing it for construction.

Stage 2C encompassed the infrastructure necessary for the new building (Stage 2D). This included setting up swale bridges for student transportation, as well as carrying out civil works, installing service infrastructure, constructing decking and canopies, laying paving, and installing handrails, ramps, and stairs. Additionally, we were responsible for fabricating and installing transportable toilets.

Stage 2D involved the construction of a new single-storey building designed to accommodate new year 7 and 8 students starting in 2023. The building was constructed using structural steel and integrated lightweight framework, blockwork, and a combination of aluminum and metal cladding. It features 12 classrooms, 2 makers spaces, breakout/pod spaces, a VR space, a senior hub, staff meeting rooms and offices, staff and student amenities, outdoor covered learning areas, and associated car parking. The scope of work also included landscaping, accociated car parking and site works.

The stage 2 works at Xavier College Two Wells contributes to its continued growth, and provides students with a range of opportunities. These new development stages at Two Wells mean the college can now offer R-9 with plans to extend to an R-12 campus in the coming years.