Mossop Construction + Interiors

Tonsley MAB Tenancies 12A, 12B & 14


Client: Renewal SA
Duration: 6 Months
Value: $2.9m

Located on the grounds of the old Mitsubishi car manufacturing site on South Road at Tonsley Park, the project comprises 3 tenancy fitouts within - but independent of - the existing Main Assembly Building (MAB) structural elements located at Tonsley Park. The initial tenancy spaces have a modular design with a structural form that can be replicated and adapted to give each tenancy space its own unique feel and location with the overall precinct. Services distribution through the space was developed to provide flexibility for a variety of uses, allowing for retro fitting of additional services, if required, with little impact on the overall structural design.

Given the design and construction of these 3 modular tenancy spaces within the Tonsley precinct is likely to be the platform for further tenancies, we undertook a rigorous design evaluation / quality implementation process to ensure designs can be easily adapted for future developments, and to identify value management opportunities, such as alternative selections/finishes, in line with the design intent. Works included the installation of new services runs to each new tenancy from existing infrastructure – while minimising the impact on existing operations; poured topping slabs over existing concrete floor to achieve level floors within tenancies and also taking into consideration accessibility requirements; structural steel framed walls and roof/ceiling elements; roof cladding (plywood for 12A and 12B, insulated panels for 14); aluminium window and door frame; and high level internal finishes.