Mossop Construction + Interiors

Woodcroft College Stage 2


Client: Woodcroft College
Duration: 20 months
Delivery: ABIC MW 2018
Value: $25.6M

Woodcroft College's new Junior School Building represents a significant milestone in the school's commitment to providing a modern and innovative learning environment for its students.

Delivered over 2 stages, the new 3-story facility offers a range of modern amenities designed to enhance the educational experience of primary school students. From light-filled classrooms to specialised learning spaces such as a Performing Arts Studio and Science Labs, this new centre is equipped to support a diverse range of programs and ignite creativity.

A new carpark and outdoor landscaped areas, including soft fall play spaces, learning zones, and shade structures, further enhance the overall functionality and visual appeal of the Junior School Building. The new sports precinct includes sports courts, associated lighting, and sports equipment for students to participate in outdoor sports and recreational activities.