Mossop Construction + Interiors

Women's & Childrens Hospital Centre for Robotics and Innovation

Redvelopment & Fitout

Client: Little Heroes Foundation
Duration: 8 Weeks
Delivery: ABIC SW-2008
Value: $237k

The WCH Little Heroes Foundation Centre for Robotics and Innovation, facility houses equipment that provides tailored therapies to aid in walking, arm movement and coordination helping children with a range of neurological disabilities. This facility is the first of its kind in Australia and will help children living with serious illness or injuries with their rehabilitation. Clinicians believe the more rehabilitation therapy a child with neurological dysfunction can access, the greater the long term benefits are likely to be.

This project involved the internal refurbishment and fit out of an old building within the WCH to turn it into a world class robotic gymnasium with the latest rehabilitation equipment designed for children and adolescents being treated for serious illnesses and rehabilitation. The challenge was to maintain the character and integrity of the old building and seamlessly integrate the modern, playful elements of the new fit out.

Mossop’s delivery of this project extended well beyond the built form with our team rallying together to gain support from local suppliers and businesses.