Mossop Construction + Interiors

Walter Brooke & Associates Office


Client: Walter Brooke & Associates
Duration: 16 Weeks
Value: $1m

Mossop Construction + Interiors were engaged as Managing Contractor by Walter Brooke and Associates to relocate their 32 staff members from their existing premises on Greenhill Road, back into the city at their new home, in Franklin Street, Adelaide. The works involved a complete strip out of the existing floor, façade replacement, new formed external terrace area, feature joinery, specialist floor finishes and workmanship to the highest quality to achieve the desired outcome for the client.

The variety and quality of finishes, key trade selection, quality of workmanship, the functionality and overall appeal for this project had to be of the highest standard as it will be the new showpiece for Walter Brooke. To achieve the high level of finish and the functionality required, the entire project team had to share the vision of the client, which meant the Project Architect, Consultants, Mossop Construction + Interiors and the Specialist Contractors worked collaboratively as a team.