Mossop Construction + Interiors

Victorian SES Port Fairy Redevelopment


Client: Emergency Services Infrastructure Authority
Duration: 35 Weeks
Delivery: AS 2124-1992 (Amended)
Value: $4.3M

Construction of the new SES building in Port Fairy, Victoria will enhance the services provided by the Victorian SES to the local community.

The facility's new administration and training spaces will enable more efficient operations, while the new communication rooms and 20m high telecommunications tower will ensure improved communication during emergencies. Furthermore, the addition of a three-bay motor room and other emergency service facilities will ensure the Victorian SES are able to respond effectively to different emergency situations. Overall, the new building and associated facilities will greatly benefit the surrounding community.

Located on a site that is adjacent to the existing CFA Port Fairy Fire Brigade, the works were carried out on land considered to be of cultural significance being within 100m of a waterway.

During the design stage of the project, a Cultural Heritage Management Plan (CHMP) was developed, incorporating a number of investigations on the location which produced some aboriginal artefacts dating back over 2,000 years. The CHMP also required us as the builder to arrange and attend cultural heritage inductions which were run by cultural heritage advisors and a RAP (Registered Aboriginal Party) to induct all contractors and our representatives prior to starting any work onsite. 

The Building has been designed to pass current Environmental Sustainable Design (ESD) criteria set out by the Victorian Government. Integrated Security, Communications and Services within the building have made the building a smart building with lighting controls and mechanical systems integrated within the security system to automatically turn off once security is activated.