Mossop Construction + Interiors

Timberlink Tarpeena Sawmill- Mill Building

In Construction

Client: Timberlink Australia
Duration: 8 Months
Value: $11.3M

Timberlink engaged Mossop for the Design and Construct of their new Timberlink Australia Tarpeena Sawmill Building. The new two-storey sawline building is being constructed at the existing stie in Tarpeena in South Australia by our local Mount Gambier team.

The new building will provide integral infrastructure to support the expansion of Timberlink’s production and will be house to the new sawline and residue processing equipment. The new sawline building will include the following:

  • Operations Area
  • Operator cabin
  • Observation hall
  • IT Server room
  • Saw shop
  • MCC Rooms
  • Hydraulic rooms
  • Chipper room

The new infrastructure is due for completion in late September 2020.