Mossop Construction + Interiors

Port Augusta Prison Industries Building


Client: Department for Planning, Transport and Infrastructure
Duration: 14 Months
Value: $22m

Construction of a Prison Industries Building as part of the Stage 2 works for the Port Augusta Prison. The building included 1 horticulture storage space, 4 lunchrooms, 2 officers stations, a plantroom, 3 general storage areas, 2 holding cells, a generator room and a communications and main switchboard room. 

Precast panels were erected and temporarily propped prior to the structural steel installation due to limited access on site. Structural steel was then erected, and the precast panels were secured, concrete slabs were poured in sections following the structural steel and roof installation. 

Due to the nature of the facility, the entire building had a high level of security throughout, which was integrated into the prison security system. All door frames and door hardware were high security as required in a prison environment. The workshop areas are kept cool by evaporative air-conditioning units ducted to each area, whilst office areas had individual cassette air-conditioning. Large roller-door access was also installed to each of the workshops.