Mossop Construction + Interiors

Pharmaceutical Plant Upgrade

Redevelopment & Fitout

Client: Private Client
Duration: 13 Months
Value: $15m

The state-of-the-art upgrade was completed in April 2016, making the plant the largest biological medicine manufacturing facility of its type in Australia. The upgrade will allow for the production and export of a biologic medicine to a global market valued at $4.6 billion. As a biological medicine derived from a living organism, the therapy is produced using a highly specialised and complex manufacturing process.

Alterations to the facility include changes to the current manufacturing area and the addition of a 2 storey build-out to the east end of the current facility. The current manufacturing area will be altered to include: upstream fermentation and mid-stream processing, purification, bulk fill, equipment prep, solution prep, weigh and dispense, raw material staging, lockers and gown room, and CNC (controlled not classified) offices.

The 2 storey build-out includes utility rooms for HVAC, WFI still, WFI pump skid and WFI storage, chiller and pumps, air compressor and Just In Time (JIT) material staging.