Mossop Construction + Interiors

Northfield Prison Infrastructure Upgrade Stage 1


Client: Department For Planning, Transport and Infrastructure, (DPTI), for Department for Correctional Services, (DCS)
Duration: 18 Months
Value: $9.2m

Construction of a new purpose built entry gatehouse and sallyport facility for Northfield Prisons – Yatala Labour Prison, (YLP). The existing gatehouse, which formed part of a larger 1970s stores shed, was no longer functional and didn’t provide a suitable entry into the state’s main high security prison or acceptable security for visitors, prison personnel or vehicle entry / exit. Modernisation provided the prison with the capability to process visitors, staff, prisoners and vehicles into and and out of the site in a secure and controlled manner. The new gatehouse now provides state of the art security controls, monitoring and recording all visitor, staff and vehicle movements, in and out the prison. The electronic security upgrades included personnel metal detection screening, baggage x-ray scanning, narcotics and explosives screening, biometric enrolment and recording, personnel Rototurn access control, vehicle heartbeat detection systems, vehicle entry/exit security wedge barriers and comprehensive CCTV surveillance.

The project also incorporated initial works involving the construction of a temporary kitchen facility, so that a total refurbishment and extension to the existing kitchen facility could be undertaken. The facility includes a staff briefing room, emergency control centre, staff facilities, visitor reception, entrance foyer and allocation of space for future relocation of the main prison control room. All areas - gatehouse, sallyport, temporary kitchen and refurbished kitchen - were within the grounds of the operating prison and within the prison’s secure perimeter.