Mossop Construction + Interiors

Hammondcare Residential Aged Care Facility SA Repat


Client: HammondCare
Duration: 86 Weeks
Delivery: Design and Construct GMP
Value: $30.8M

HammondCare's dementia care village at the Repat Health Precinct, in Daw Park, S.A. has been designed to provide exceptional care for individuals living with dementia.

The 70-place village consists of six bungalow-style cottages surrounding a Central Park and Plaza. Each cottage includes a domestic kitchen and laundry where residents are able to participate in meaningful daily tasks. There is a mix of spacious communal living areas and private sitting spaces designed to create a sense of community and offers residents a warm and welcoming environment. The Central Park and Plaza serves as a communal space where residents can socialise, interact, and enjoy outdoor activities. The village also features a dementia-friendly store, developed in collaboration with Coles Group. This unique store allows residents to independently shop for their own groceries. Additional amenities such as a café, playground, hairdresser, and exercise park promote a sense of community enhancing the residents' quality of life and well-being.

Mossop was thrilled to deliver this project for HammondCare which is the first of its kind in South Australia in collaboration with Motto Projects, Bickerton Masters, and Swanbury Penglase.