Mossop Construction + Interiors

Endeavour College Middle Years Centre (MYC)


Client: Endeavour College
Duration: 8 Months
Delivery: AIBC SW-2008 Amended
Value: $2.8m

This project was to build a new building for middle year students at Endeavour College . The Middle Years Centre involved the construction of a new precast concrete building encompassing 4 classrooms, a colourful study area with modern furniture - designed with input by the students, and a stage area, from which students can deliver everything from PowerPoint presentations to musical performances. 

The nature of this new building was designed as a place of coming together which meant it was situated centrally within the existing school complex. Due to the location in the building it was essential we miminise the impact on the school environment to ensure the day to day operations continued as normal.

The existing site building layout in conjunction with the new build footprint space requirements resulted in a limited and restrictive access to the building footprint impacting on the type of lifting and access equipment that could be employed during the erection and construction stage.