Mossop Construction + Interiors

Cove Civic Centre


Client: City of Marion
Duration: 20 Months
Delivery: AS 2124 (Amended)
Value: $11m

Located adjacent to the Hallett Cove Shopping Centre complex, the Cove Civic Centre will complete a 12 year, $75 million redevelopment as part of the client’s ‘Marion South Plan’  The project involved the construction of

  • A modern library with an estimated 35,000 books, e-books, magazines and DVDs.
  • Flexible meeting rooms and resources for community groups and businesses to meet and network.
  • An activity hall for day to day programs or special events, expos, trade shows and exhibitions that can expand out to accommodate 280 people.
  • A plaza which incorporates an Amphitheatre which will become the community’s ‘meeting place
  • Carpark areas on two church properties opposite the site

The vision of the centre was to provide the community with a facility that is flexible and can support a diverse range of activities, to provide meetings spaces for people to connect for learning and recreation pursuits and to support local businesses with their endeavours.

The 2000m2 building was designed to reflect the history and culture of the local community and it captures the spirit of the environment and natural coastal features.