Mossop Construction + Interiors

Christian Brothers College Centre of Innovation & Learning


Client: Christian Brothers College
Duration: 20 Months
Delivery: ABIC MW 2008
Value: $14.7M

The new Centre of Innovation & Learning is the latest in a group of projects Mossop have delivered with Swanbury Penglase Architects for Christian Brothers College. The new development is an architectural icon based in the heart of Adelaide which provides a contemporary, state-of-the-art learning facility for students and staff.

The building’s design strongly references the use of crystallised geometric forms, with associated complex mathematics which pays tribute to one of its multi-function uses which is a Science, Technology, Engineering, Art(s) and Mathematics facility (STEAM) incorporating innovative art, music, study and collaborative maker spaces.

The new centre improves the circulation connectivity, with multiple glass links between adjoining buildings whilst opening up the Western Courtyard’s previously under-utilised space with ample undercover leisure and breakout areas for students. The new roof terrace offers a backdrop of Adelaide’s CBD and Adelaide Hills. This space was specifically designed for student led STEAM and ESD experiments.

Internally, the use of natural materials with simple colours and textures creates a high quality learning environment, complemented by controlled natural and artificial lighting, refined acoustics, fresh air movement and internal planting.

The new Centre of Innovation and Learning will provide the opportunity to showcase student works throughout its modern internal environment and with its stunning visual outlook around the campus and the city, students will be further inspired to greater creations.


"Congratulations Mossop working with you on CBC collaborative building projects over 10 years was an absolute privilege. Mossop deserves every accolade and success it enjoys.

Building new school infrastructure and always prioritised children and their learning. Your constructions provide places of deep learning and great joy, as well creating iconic testament to human tenacity, skill and creativity".

Noel Mifsud -Senior Education and Business Development Consultant. Education Standards Board of SA Member & Former Principal at CBC (2007-2018)