Mossop Construction + Interiors

Adelaide Women's Prison Cell Block Accommodation


Client: Department of Correctional Services
Duration: 52 Weeks
Delivery: MDW12
Value: $6.9m

The Adelaide Women’s Prison project comprises the upgrade of an outdated secure accommodation block within the facility. The objective was to transform the existing building into a fit for purpose environment that is gender responsive, safe and provides meaningful space for staff interaction with prisoners, promoting normalisation within a secure environment preparing for a successful transition into the community.

The project involves the upgrade of each of the existing cells, to include individual ensuites (previously shared/ communal facilities were located in each wing), while also providing greater Association, Courtyard and Kitchen facilities. The project is staged, to minimise the amount of beds being taken out of action at any time, which in turn ensures that the facility can continue to operate under its normal operations.

The uniqueness of the project, is that selected prisoners from within the Prison have been given an opportunity to learn new skills and gain qualifications by participating in the project. The Prisoners are assisting in carrying out the works while concurrently undertaking training to ensure they had the required skills and that the project meets all the construction industry standards, quality and safety requirements.