Mossop Construction + Interiors

Burnside War Memorial Hospital Day Surgery

Refurbishment & Fitout

Client: Burnside War Memorial Hospital
Duration: 8 Months
Delivery: ABIC MW-2008
Value: $2.4m

The redevelopment of the Day Surgery Unit for Burnside War Memorial Hospital was delivered under a traditional Lump-Sum contract arrangement via a competitive tender process.

The building works largely comprise internal refurbishment and modification of existing facilities located within and adjacent core hospital facilitiy that critically continued to function throughout the duration of the construction process. The works were delivered in several sequential stages and within defined designated contractors areas and included upgraded Main Entry Reception and Waiting Area; Public Corridors and new Level 1 Day Surgery Admissions and Waiting Area inclusive of Change Rooms; Pre-Op Interview Rooms; Assessment Rooms; WC Amenities; Staff Lockers and Change Rooms; Post-Op Interview Room; various clinical and non-clinical store rooms; new Discharge Lounge and Staff Offices. Works directly in and immediately adjacent the Theatres and Sterile Area included the refurbishment of the existing Stage 3 Recovery Area inclusive of new WC Amenities and Nurses Assessment Station plus the construction of a new theatre equipment store rooms/area.

Other works delivered included the upgrade of fire rating and compartmentation to meet code and compliance within the hospitals new Day Surgery area; external work including enlargement of existing windows; the infilling of an existing light well to provide additional new floor space within sterile theatre area; installation of various temporary staff amenities to maintain day to day operational activities for the hospital; modification of existing services and provision of new engineering services items associated with the new building works; supply and installation of new furniture, fixtures and equipment to the works; provision and subsequent removal of temporary works as required to maintain separation of construction activities from other areas of the hospital and allow continued operation of the existing hospital for staff, clients and public.