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We are always interested to receive CV's from talented people wishing to work for Mossop Construction + Interiors. Whilst we may not have a suitable vacancy at present, we consider all applications received and keep them on file for future reference.

Our People - Our Greatest Assets

Our people are our greatest assets and our continued growth has resulted in our structure being constantly reviewed and improved, creating additional positions to complement our loyal, long term team. We value our people and look after their health and safety at work as we want everyone to go home satisfied and safe at the end of each day.


Our values of family orientation, integrity, hardwork and teamwork are the foundation of our success. Positive teamwork is paramount in everything we do and we value a collaborative approach to projects.


Mossop Construction + Interiors is committed to providing ongoing leadership, support, encouragement and development opportunities for all managers and staff.

Achievement and Diversity

We pride ourselves in putting people first - with our clients, sub-contractors, stakeholders and staff.  Feedback from our staff tells us that we have a genuine open door communication policy that enables achievement and values diversity.

Work Environment

A positive, comfortable, safe and contemporary environment is an important feature for all at Mossop Construction + Interiors and staff feedback following the relocation to the new Port Road head office confirms the level of construction and interior quality workmanship provided

Opportunities at Mossop

Mossop Construction + Interiors recognises their obligation to invest in their people and support them as they learn, grow and develop their capabilities. Mossop Construction + Interiors have developed links with schools, universities, colleges and skills programs and promotes opportunities for graduates, scholarships, work experience and regional employment as well as Indigenous initiatives. Each individual manager and employee has opportunities to develop with a regular Performance Review and Development Program and Mossop Construction + Interiors are committed to ongoing personal and professional development for all staff.


To be a culture fit at Mossop Construction + Interiors you will need to be fair and reasonable, hardworking, a finisher, team orientated and have well demonstrated technical skillls. We value a 'Can Do' team approach and continue to develop our staff in contemporary practices. It is not just about what you do, it is also about how you achieve it - as we value constructive long term behaviours and relationships.


Mossop Construction + Interiors likes to provide opportunities for staff to grow personally and professionally and offer a range of structured and unstructured programs to meet the needs of managers, staff and business needs. On an ongoing basis there are a range of contemporary training sessions scheduled to increase staff skill levels and an Annual Training plan is implemented following all Performance Review.