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WHS Accredited

Mossop Construction + Interiors aims to have an accident-free workplace and to make health and safety an integral part of every management and supervisory position.

To achieve this we undertake pro-active planning of all work activities with due consideration given to implementing WHS controls that are appropriate to each given situation. This involves understanding the total work process and associated WHS risks. Through open, honest communication between management and all employees we ensure that each work team is totally committed to achieving our objectives.

Mossop Construction + Interiors is committed to pursuing continuous improvement in all aspects of our Occupational Health, Safety, Welfare and Rehabilitation Policy which is demonstrated through our certification under the Australian/International Standard: AS/NZS 4801:2001.

Australian Government Building & Construction WHS Accreditation.

Joining just a handful of similarly accredited local builders, Mossop Construction + Interiors was awarded accreditation for Work, Health and Safety under the Australian Government Building & Construction WHS Accreditation Scheme in 2010.

Introduced by the Federal Government in March 2006 the scheme was established to improve occupational and safety practices in the Australian construction industry.

The accreditation sets high standards and is not easily obtained. It enables Mossop Construction + Interiors to be the head contractor for projects of more than $6 million that are funded directly or indirectly by the Federal Government. This includes State Government projects with Federal funding.